Moshling Help and Information

Welcome to the Moshling List

Here you would find all the moshlings in Moshling City. If they come with a link then its they're information. We are still curently working on the information so please check back everyday, we will update it.

Some moshling are really common, but others need special coloured berries to get.

Here is a list of Moshlings From most common to Ultra Rare. Beside their names are their ID number. The bigger the number the more Rare. If you want more information about the moshling just click on their picture.

Chop Chop  (002)
Common Moshling

Chop Chop is a ninja monkey which can fly.

To get Chop Chop you need to plant 3 dragons. They can be of any colour or even the same.

Ginger Snap  (003)
Common Moshling

Ginger Snap is a Beat up Cat which walks on land.

To get Ginger Snap you need to plant any magic + any love + any pepper. They can be of any colour but you need these plants.

Squidge  (008)
Common Moshling

Squidge is a cute little moshling that flys around in your bedroom

To get Squidge you need to plant any star + any pepper + any dragon. They can be of any colour but you just need the correct plants.

Snookums  (010)
Common Moshling

Snookums is a Dinosaur Moshling that roams around your bedroom on foot.

To get Snookums you need to plant any 3 stars. But if you find that you got a dougnut shape moshling dont worry because the doughnut (oddie) is an ultra rare moshling.

DJ Quack  (013)
Common Moshling

DJ Quack is a Duck Moshling that flys around your room looking cool.

To get DJ Quack you need to plant any dragon + any moon + any star. They can be of any colour but they need to be the correct plants.

Stanly  (018)
Common Moshling

Stanly is a Seahorse Moshling jumping around your room like crazy.

To get Stanly you need to plant any 2 Love + any 1 Dragon. They can be of any colour but you need them to be the same plant.

Purdy  (020)
Common Moshling

Purdy is a pink fluffy cat that travels around looking all stylish and cool.

To get purdy you need to plant any 2 dragons + any moon. They can be of any colour but it needs the correct plants.

Angel  (024)
Common Moshling

Angel is a Unicorn/ Pegasus. It walks around on the floor like an angel is very pink.

To get Angel you need to plant any Magic + any Pepper + any Star/Pepper. The last plant can be any either a star or a pepper both would work.

Kissy  (027)

Kissy is part of the Baby Ghost species and floats around the room alot. But as it is a baby it doesn't go up high but stay down below.

To get Kissy you need to plant a purple star + blue/yellow star + red/purple/yellow/black magic bean. You need this specific plant and colour to get Kissy.

Lady Meowford  (030)

Lady Meowford is a white fluffy cat that roams around your waiting for love.

To get Lady Meowford you need to plant a blue moon + pink moon b + yellow/purple star. These plants have to be of the correct colour to get Lady Meowford.

Dipsy  (034)

Dipsy is a little cloud moshling shaped like fairy floss with legs. Its big wide eyes and red cheeks makes it the cutest moshling.

To get Dipsy you need to get a red/pink + black/yellow moon + yellow love. These need to be the exact colours of the exact plants to get Dipsy.

Shelby  (039)

Shelby is part of the ninja turtle family. If you love TMNT then you would love shelby.

To get Shelby you need a Blue dragon + Black Dragon + Yallow/Blue Magic. These need to be of the exact colour of the exact plant.

Doris  (040)

Doris is part of the Dino Family. Nobody knows if its a girl or boy as it looks like a guy but wears a bow on his head.

To get Doris you to get any 3 Moons except for blue. That means non of the moon orchids can be blue to obtain Doris.

Blurp  (043)

Blurp is a Puffer Fish Moshling when everytime you touch it, it blows up into a big balloon.

To get Blurp you need:

Purple Moon + Pink Love + Black Love/Blue Moon

Sooki-yaki  (047)

Sooki-yaki is another Ninja but part of the cat species. She bounces around your room guarding you from anything unsafe.

To get Sooki-yaki you need

Purple Pepper + Red Magic + Yellow Magic                 


                  Red Magic + Yellow/Purple Magic + Black Pepper

Pooky  (050)

A little Dinosaur walking in your room. Thank god it is so small otherwise it might crush your house!!.

To get Pooky you need:

Black Magic + Purple Magic + Pink Moon


                   Black Magic + Yellow Magic + Blue Magic 


                   Purple Moon + Red Magic + Purple Magic


                    Blue Moon + Pink Magic + Black Magic

Fumble  (053)

Fumble is an orange starfish walking around and sticking to your stuff.

To get Fumble you need:

Red Star + Yellow Love + Red Star/Yellow Magic


                       Yellow Love + Blue Star + Yellow Magic

Flumpy  (054)

Flumpy is like a puff of hair. Its like a gorilla walking with its legs and arms.

to get Flumpy you need:

 Black Moon + Red Magic + Red Star

Mr.Snoodle  (056)

Mr.Snoodle is an Orange Elephant with a brain too big. It senses danger with his large brain and is a big helper.

To get Mr.Snoodle you need:

Red Pepper + Purple Magic + Blue Pepper

Hansel  (059)

Hansel is a Gingerbread with a cute little smile and big pink buttons.

To get Hansel you need:

Blue/Purple Dragon + Black Magic + Black Moon

Ecto  (060)

Ecto is a green ghost creeping around in your room. It tries not to scare you but once in a blue moon it can't resist.

To get Ecto you need:

Red Love + Black Love + Pink/Yellow/Blue Pepper

Tiki  (065)

Tiki is also known as the Toucan from Fruit loops. It's rainbow beak just makes you smile when you see it.

To get Tiki you need:

Red/Purple Star + Pink Love + Red Love 


                       Purple Love + Blue Star + Red Love

Peppy  (071)

Peppy is a penguin all the way down from the Arctic. In his world peppy is a pilot but now Peppy only thinks about his owner and nothing else.

To get Peppy you need:

Red/Black Moon + Purple Moon + Yellow Magic


                   Blue Moon + Yellow Magic + Red Moon

Cali  (072)

Cali is a little mermaid with a heart across her head. She roams around the room in fun hoping to find the one thing that makes her happy.

To get Cali you need:

Blue Love + Pink/Purple Magic + Yellow Love

Prof.Purplex  (074)

Called a professor because of its massive brain. Prof.Purplex resembles you the most if you like the nerdy teacher type.

To get Prof.Purplex you need:

Red/Blue/Yellow Dragon + Pink Love + Yellow moon

Waldo  (077)
Ultra Rare

Waldo known as the Nerdy Squirrel explored you room with a notepad and pen. Its squeky nose is so high pitched so make sure you listen to it before he makes the squek.

To get Waldo you need:

                    Red/Blue/Yellow Dragon + Pink Love + Yellow moon

Gigi  (079)
Ultra Rare

The sister to the same family of Angel (024), but Gigi is harder to find as it is more smarter and only wants to go to specific berries it likes.

To get Gigi you need:

Blue Pepper + Red Moon + Yellow Pepper

General Fuzuki  (082)
Ultra Rare

General Fuzuki is a warrior moshling waiting to battle anyone up for the challenge.

To get General Fuzuki you need:

Yellow Love + Purple Star + Red Pepper

Gurgle  (083)
Ultra Rare

Gurgle, another dinosaur moshling flies and explores your room for something fun to play with.

To get Gurgle you need:

Red Dragon + Yellow Magic + Purple Love